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INTCh. ECh. PORTCh. GBZCh. CATCh. PORTO WINNER 2010 Bulldobas Ambassador

DOB: 25 January 2008

Fanconi Test: Probably clear/normal

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Watch him in the WDS 2009

I said in a Facebook group of Basenji that it was Robin's birthday and some days later he achieved 1000 Likes and 210 comments with greetings. It's very nice :)


12,5 years old (October 2020)

Robin 12 years old. April 2020


Robin 7 years old

Robin 1,5 years old

Robin 1,5 years old

Robin 1,5 years old

Robin 1,5 years old

Robin 1,5 years old

Rene, ROBIN y Pitsi


Opps! No, this is not a Ridgeback but a Basenji, another breed originary from Africa. Some years ago I knew about the breed and I started to be interested in them, and it was some time ago when I decided that I wanted to make this step and have a little dog at home. After reading more about the breed and see that the character is similar to my beloved Ridgebacks, I thought it could be a really good idea to introduce this little big breed at home. The main Basenji's traits are the wrinkles in its head, the pricked ears, the curled tail, the elegance and Gazelle-like grace are the hallmark of the breed, he doesn't bark but he is not mute, instead of a bark he yodels and he can be aloof with strangers.

This is Bulldobas Ambassador, a red and white Basenji. He has arrived from Finland. And he will come with his bigger and reddish mates to the show.


I am very grateful to Tiina Taavitsainen, who has been very nice with me during my stay in Finland and of course for this stunning puppy.




3rd Generation 

IntCh. Am Ch. GermCh. LuxCh. ACh. SCh.

EuW-09 and EuW-11

World Winner-09
C-Quest's Echo of Eldorado

C-Quest's Soul Driver

Reveille Boutonniere

Rafikis Mass Expectations

Eldorado's Ooh La La

Eldorado's Adonis

Eldorado's Hocus Pocus

Fin S CH FinJW-05 EuJW-06
Bulldobas La Scala

Bulldobas Kito Kayin

Fin CH
Furahan Fukuto

Fin CH
Bulldobas Nutty Naomi

Afrikenji Kisaria

Aust CH
Makuba Maaya Mindani

Aust CH
Afrikenji Desert Sunrise

More pics of Robin

Robin 8,5 months

Robin 9 months old

Robin March 2010

Robin March 2010




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