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CatCh. Ginsa de Simba Masai Mara

14 October 1999
- 22 March 2011

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Her complete name is CatCh. Ginsa de Simba Masai Mara, she was born in October,14,1999, her sire  is Ch.Bambo de Germanridge and her dam is Ch.Zuritamu Kichinja. 
She has the  true character of a  Rhodesian Ridgeback, she is lovely with her family but she is aloof with strangers. She is smart and stubborn, but the most important for me is her huge heart.  
She is special for me because I have been looking for a breeder for years and finally when I found a breeder I had to wait a whole year for her.

She obtained her Catalonian Championship in the year 2001.



There is still a lot of people, who asks me if I am going to breed with Ghintza. No, I won’t. Although she has the typical character of the breed, a nice conformation and a lovely coat colour which it is an eye catching… her health… her health is not as perfect as I wanted it to be. Ghintza suffers from epilepsy since she was 2 years old. An epilepsy, that we think, is of the hereditary type. This fact has been the decisive factor for not to breed and neuter Ghintza.

Luckily, we have controlled the epilepsy with everyday medication (LUMINAL). With this, she almost don’t suffers strong epileptic attacks, although from time to time she has ones that I call “silent attacks”. Something that I haven’t could control is some “nervous tics” that she suffers since she was a puppy. Definitely and making this as something positive and taking it with a little sense of humor, I say that my Ghintza suffers from nerves!

22 March 2011 - Today, I have taken the worst decision in my live, I have had to put to sleep my lovely girl, Ghintza. The only thing that helps me is to think that she is without pain now.

Thanks Ghintza, I will never forget you.

Ghintza in her last day at home.



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